Thursday, June 17, 2010

shes the blade by sugarcult (one of my fav songs)

dont you make a move tonight,
you can only stagger
once shes got you in her sight
your the one shes after

shes the blade and youre just paper
your afraid cause shes got closer
youre back-steppinand shes back-stabbing everything in your life

she shtole everything your heart deisred
now you want it back
she stole everything your heart disired
now you want it back

one by one you count the fights
doesnt even matter
that shes got you by surprise
misery's your master

shes the blade and your just paper
youre afriad cause shes got closer
your back-steppin and shes out wrecking everything in your life

she stole everything youre heart disired
now you want it back
she stole everything your heart disired
now you want it back

she stole everything
she controlled everything
she stole everythin
she controlled everything

shes the blade
shes the blade
shes the blade and your just paper
shes the blade and your just...

shes the blade and your just paper
your afraid cause shes got you closer

she stole everything your heart disired
now you want it back
she stole everything your heart desired
now you want it back

she stole everything
she controlled everything
she stole everythings
she controlled everything

A day of sadness....

you on my blog will be the first to know this sadness. It seems that I have lost the baby me and my boyfriend were so excited about. I havent quite told him yet...Im not entirely sure if I can. For the first time in my she wolf life im scared to death. My man is a good guy, very handsome, strong and loving but im not sure how he'll react to this. I mean god he was so excited.... Im not in town right now im up in pickerington i go home tomorrow and im scared of whats to happen. I love him very much, and we have been talking marrige and another kid soon to follow this one but now.... im not sure whats to happen. I shall try to keep you posted..... :( wish me luck my loves?

Monday, May 17, 2010

My name is shadowless,
keeping to the shadows is what i do best.

things to complain about on a rainy day part two....

  1. The fact that you didnt get laid last night (the one day of the week!!)
  2. The fact that the whore of the halls -Lacie Lean Stafford- Called you childish.
  3. The fact that the one blonde bitch who hangs out with Waller looked at you and said "here we go" under her breath thinking you couldnt hear.
  4. The fact that you cant fight because youre pregnant.
  5. The gym class jocks.
  6. the blood stains on your shirt from your last fight with a 6'5'' giant football jock.

Some things to bitch about on a rainy day.

  1. The rain itself
  2. bitches who think they know it all and they own it all
  3. your hair.
  4. your jeans
  5. the boy who sits behind you in french
  6. the fact that you had the perfect skinny jeans and tank to wear today, but you fell in the mud crushing that dream fast!
  7. That extra tall bitch they call alex waller, the ones whos bush looks like a rain forest.
  8. the fact that youre hair cant do that "poof" thing
  9. All of the above.
  10. that you had to read this far.
  11. that im now telling you to have a nice day.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So mad....(wrong use of word)

Im fend up and tired of the wannbe emos at my school! Casey Dunigan and his little crew think that they are some hot shit. They are WANNABE EMO THE SAME AS THAT WANNABE WHORE CHRISTINE WISE. Most people I know think that I cant handle myself in a fight or that I dont have the fucking guts to dish it out. They think I talk hot shit and walk away. WRONG. I would beat every fucking person in this school to the ground and back if I could. I have only a select few that have never pissed me off.
If I decided today to show everyone the true meaning of the word emo- they would shit themselves. My bestie and I are true deff and I know for a fact that I am emo. I try to hide it because ppl think that its posing but in all honsesty I have never given a fuck about what others say.
It gets really tiring dealing with dumb shits like these. Today I was called a poser. Hell. No. I am not a poseur if I was I would look like Christine Wise, Casey Dunigan, Luke Dunigan, Ryan Azardi and those others. I am myself I am emo. I am me. Fucking deal with it.
On another note NEVER tell me to CHILL.I am not your goody goody girl. I will not hesitate to knock your fucking head in. People who tell me to chill end up with a smashed face.
I am royally fucking pissed and I feel real sorry for the next person to push me over the edge! Even though Im preg I will not hesitate to fuck someone the fuck up!!!

whore of the halls part two (the stench is worse)

Alright well school will be out in a few weeks. These hall ways smell so bad. Everytime the whore walks by I tell her to close her legs...Sadly our school is getting a bad name. Ashley Stalker...sory correction Stocker. Ha not much of a difference though. Hmmm. what was I giong to say....oh yeah. The bitch is saying that she is prego....oh wow. Sixth preg in a month and soon to be about the eigthteen abortion in the last six months. Everyone knows that the whore is messed up.
Well, hmmmm. Anyway if you ever come across the name stocker turn tail and run otherwsie you are in for a load of drama and your life would be hell. Personally i am a bitch and i know it i love ruining her life. So much fun. If you mess with my friends I will destroy you.....and another bitch has joined the circle i will destroy. Her name is Kira Oliver. ...Dont let her sit on santas lap. O.o She might rape him because her fat ass isnt gettting any, Hhaha. Yes yes im mean deal with it. But the truth is one major bitch herself. Ill have pics of the whores up soon. Love you! later