Monday, February 22, 2010

The Freedom of not knowing,

There is ultimate freedom in not knowing ones end. I know it seems a scary thought when you ponder about death. But for every end there is a new beginging. People who know me know that I believe in Reincarnation. Ibelieve that in one point in time we were all nothing more then stars...but as we died we became somthing new. Creatures of all sorts. Gods, fish, horses, wolves, dragons, shadows, human beings. People often ask me, "Shadowless, if you could try and guess what animal you were in a past life waht would you say you were?" And I reply in all honesty. "A wolf."
For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about let me brief you on the subject of "reincarnation":::
Reincarnation is the belief that when our bodies parish our souls move on and take the form of another may it be creature or human or plant and space. We have no memory of the past, no memory of love of hate of anything but the present and then slowly we begin to learn all over again. But some people have managed to unlock thier minds and discover thier once abandoned thoughts.
Reincarnation is an amazing thing to behold and I have encountered many people in my life who have memories or reincarnation. Thus furthing my spiral belief of this nature.

any questions?


My best friend

My friend and I are pretty close. Which is good. We turn to eachother when something goes wrong and we'll be there for eachother when things go all bad and we feel unwanted. Is there anything in life grander than a friend? I think not. Sorry I know this is my 3-4th blog today. I just cant help myself. Its too fun ^ ^ Hope you guys dont min reading! Im far from done! haha

Web Design

Web Design. Web design. Oh what fun? Hhaha. Wekk this class is basically easy for me. I am passing with a a+ isn't that great.?! Oh the terribly handsome romeo that I have been messins around with is being to chase after me. Wont he be sad when he finds that I am off the market for awhile.....But i do like my toys. heheeh. Just kidding my friends.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Its what I do best.

People are often asking me what I am best at. My anwser is always the same: Sexual intimidation. I can always beat another girl out in seducing any skills are original and yet they are completely my own. I try new things that othyer girls wouldn't find fun. I'm into almost anything and I enjoy being someones toy

Secondary Defenses

People are stupid. No dont get angry we are. We live our lives while we dont look at what harm we are doing. That is very stupid, of course and you should pay more attention.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day One: back to the theiving halls of high school.

My first day back at my favorite high school, Indian Valley High school. The people have all changed drastically! Everything and everyone is differant than it was last year. My clique has fallen apart and they have been swarmed into other bee hives while I remain the lone wolf. Yet don't get me wrong, I have friends...sadly though, my pack mates have all become a higher rank. Preps and cheerleaders. Ugh. Only I remain the rebel black wolf, the only wolf out causing trouble and staying on the prowl for new pack mates, while the others all lounge around inside like some frilly lap dogs. *Sigh* What is the world coming to? Well, theres the bell, Web Design is over my pets. Time for me to scatter!