Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So mad....(wrong use of word)

Im fend up and tired of the wannbe emos at my school! Casey Dunigan and his little crew think that they are some hot shit. They are WANNABE EMO THE SAME AS THAT WANNABE WHORE CHRISTINE WISE. Most people I know think that I cant handle myself in a fight or that I dont have the fucking guts to dish it out. They think I talk hot shit and walk away. WRONG. I would beat every fucking person in this school to the ground and back if I could. I have only a select few that have never pissed me off.
If I decided today to show everyone the true meaning of the word emo- they would shit themselves. My bestie and I are true deff and I know for a fact that I am emo. I try to hide it because ppl think that its posing but in all honsesty I have never given a fuck about what others say.
It gets really tiring dealing with dumb shits like these. Today I was called a poser. Hell. No. I am not a poseur if I was I would look like Christine Wise, Casey Dunigan, Luke Dunigan, Ryan Azardi and those others. I am myself I am emo. I am me. Fucking deal with it.
On another note NEVER tell me to CHILL.I am not your goody goody girl. I will not hesitate to knock your fucking head in. People who tell me to chill end up with a smashed face.
I am royally fucking pissed and I feel real sorry for the next person to push me over the edge! Even though Im preg I will not hesitate to fuck someone the fuck up!!!

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