Monday, February 22, 2010

The Freedom of not knowing,

There is ultimate freedom in not knowing ones end. I know it seems a scary thought when you ponder about death. But for every end there is a new beginging. People who know me know that I believe in Reincarnation. Ibelieve that in one point in time we were all nothing more then stars...but as we died we became somthing new. Creatures of all sorts. Gods, fish, horses, wolves, dragons, shadows, human beings. People often ask me, "Shadowless, if you could try and guess what animal you were in a past life waht would you say you were?" And I reply in all honesty. "A wolf."
For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about let me brief you on the subject of "reincarnation":::
Reincarnation is the belief that when our bodies parish our souls move on and take the form of another may it be creature or human or plant and space. We have no memory of the past, no memory of love of hate of anything but the present and then slowly we begin to learn all over again. But some people have managed to unlock thier minds and discover thier once abandoned thoughts.
Reincarnation is an amazing thing to behold and I have encountered many people in my life who have memories or reincarnation. Thus furthing my spiral belief of this nature.

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