Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sometimes I let it bother me too much.
Sometimes I try too hard to hide every scar and any bruise that may be visible.
A hug can only go so far.
A kiss can always cross the line.
When I close my eyes tell me why I dream of you.
Why does your voice haunt my nightmares.
I do not want to love you and i would rather forget you than to keep living like this.
get out of my head if you have any compassion.
Stay out of my heart if you have any sympathy. My composure is breking this mask I wear is slipping.
I don not want to love you, I do not want you to see this broken down girl
I still have my spirit and you can not take my pride. So i'll face today and tommorrow I will try and forget you. I dont want you here.
not anymore.
it is just what I feel.
for i can not die with you in my heart.
let us end our torture.
goodbye anthony....

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