Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new man for shadowless.

To all of my friends who roam the halls of indian valley high school. There is the queen of skanks among us. Her name is Ashley Stocker. Yes she is rich...and one major royal bitch. She tries to buy off her friends and stel thier guys. Trust me I have known her for a month and it has been nothing but drama. The only thing i wish for this hoe is that she grow up and pereferbly die in a hole. Yes this may be mean of me but you have no idea of the hell she has caused...I lost one man that i thought i loved, and then i swooped her man out from under her- though i didnt even know i was doing it. Ryan Adam winegar will move on for the bitch called stoker has done him wrong too.
No worries though mates I got me a guy and he treats me right. His name is robert Prysi and stocker lied to him all along. He loves me for me and knows what goes on behind the closed doors of my home.... Let me tell you that my home is nothing shy of hell. A crazy father and a drunk mother...brothers who harass me and a whole home who wants me gone...and thats only the brief of it. But this knight in shinning armor came into my life and has begun to save me. Shadowless has finally glimsped what happiness is and what true love can be called. It can be called shadowless, painless, lustless love. Something true and strong and something i will never forget. I fell for him this time guys! oh well, falling is fun

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